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The New Book: "Last call?"
The author took the pen name – "John Watobe Hisserv", which is short for “JOHN WAnts TO BE HIS SERVant”, because the "Last call?" was a labor of love, not a labor for glory. For all the glory goes to the Lord, especially since John feels that the Lord gave him insights that he never had.
The first draft of the first essay – "What is life all about?" was written in 1991, as a letter to several of his nieces and nephews. And then in his work environment of the 90's, John had many religious discussions with his co-workers. Several of his co-workers were not Christians. These discussions led to additional essays.
From 1991 though 2007, John had collected or composed some seventy essays. Many of the essays were read by his relatives and friends, who shared their thoughts and insights with John. John incorporated some of those thoughts and insights into the appropriate essays. Some shared thoughts and insights generated their own essay. Finally, John decided to take the essays, which were the closest to being complete, complete them, and publish them in the book: "Last call?", with a subtitle: "Are You Really Serving God?" The remaining essays will hopefully be published in a second book to be titled: "Last Call!!!", with a subtitle: "Are You Still Serving God?".
The title "Last call?" is a reference to a group of individuals, who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, after being witnessed to by a Christian.  The members of this group later acknowledged that while they were being witnessed to, they heard a small voice say, "This is the last time that I am going to call you!".   (Reference the Stephen Morin conversion story, which is briefly referenced in the book.)
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Awaiting the return of Christ, who answered everything on the cross!!
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