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The Book “Last Call?” is a collection of 41 essays (on Christian and/or moral issues), which were written and/or collected by the author, based on his belief that a number of essential con-cepts, facts, and beliefs of Christianity are being glossed over by too many so-called-Christians. In addition, some varying interpretations of several con-cepts, facts, and beliefs have become points of contention between Chris-tians. This situation is further com-plicated by the fact that too many Christians find that it is easier to accept and profess the doctrinal lines of their denomination and/or their religious leader. These Christians do this without ever trying to read the Bible for themselves and then test the doctrines promoted by their denom-ination and/or religious leader against what the Bible actually says. Consequently, in creating this Christian book, the author hoped to accomplish two-two-part-objectives, which are presented on the “About this Book” page.
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